Most Insta-Worthy Walls at Life is Beautiful

Zauni Price, a special correspondent to Life is Beautiful from the website UnXommon, had this to say about selfie-perfect backdrops around DTLV.


Mural by Bicicleta Sem Freio

  1. The Tropical Wall: Both a local and visitor favorite, this 2014 mural by Bicicleta Sem Freio pops up frequently on the #dtlv tag. This wall is a delightful fusion of colors so vibrant you won’t even need a filter.
  2. The Ever After Wall: Located in an alley just off Stewart and Seventh streets, the Ever After mural by Lakwena Maciver is the perfect backdrop to add a bit of fun to your feed. Bold colors, a funky chevron pattern, and 3D lettering mix together to create a playful scene perfect for those festie group photos.
  3. The XOXO Wall: Add a little love to your photos with artist Chor Boogie’s “Jackpot … Love is a Gamble … Winning” wall featuring X’s and O’s in black and white with pops of color. If you’re looking to get a shot with this wall, head over to Seventh Street between Ogden and Stewart avenues. Try it with the Inkwell filter for a cool black and white look.
  4. The Black Walls: Off to the side of The Beat Coffeehouse on Fremont and Seventh streets you’ll find a black wall great for those moodier photos. The wall features a light pattern, so if you’re looking for something more solid head further up on Seventh Avenue toward Carson Avenue and you’ll hit Commonwealth’s black wall—less pattern, more texture and solid black.
  5. The Pink Wall: Good news, you don’t have to travel to L.A. to get that iconic, pink Paul Smith wall in your Instagram shot. Kiss Bail Bonds, located right next to Pawn Plaza on Las Vegas Boulevard, has their own pastel wall perfectly primed for outfit-of-the-day shots.
  6. The White Wall: If you blink you just might miss it. The Ogden Executive building located right outside the Life is Beautiful footprint on Eighth Street and Ogden Avenue may seem nondescript, but venture to the alley on the side, and you’ll find the holy grail of Insta—a perfect white wall (the starting point of any good feed).
  7. The Teal Wall: While most Instagram shots of the Seventh Street and Ogden Avenue wall are centered on the amazing artwork of D*Face (painted for Life is Beautiful in 2013), aim your camera south and you’ll notice the teal walls below. They’re a work of art by themselves and perfect for those shots when you need vibrant color.

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