Kristen Ulmer

“I have a very important message for you,” says Kristen Ulmer. “I used to do the same thing that everyone does around the subject of fear. I tried to conquer it, overcome it, fight it, let it go, and I became so good at doing this, I became famous for it—unfortunately, it almost ruined my life.” In her talk, Ulmer who was named the best big-mountain (extreme) woman skier in the world for 12 years poses the question “Does a beautiful life include fear?” The answer is yes. Ulmer realized after years of suppressing fear that she was fighting an unwinnable war of “what you control ends up controlling you” and “whatever you repress becomes your repressor.” She encourages the audience to allow fear to play its role in their lives and to make friends with it. Today, Ulmer is a Fear specialist known developing a powerful, interactive teaching tool called Shift, The Game of 10,000 wisdoms.

Founder, Make Friends with Fear
Twitter: @kristenulmer