How to Make Life Beautiful for Fellow Festival-Goers

Maria Jessica Morales, a special correspondent to Life is Beautiful from the website UnXommon, had this advice to offer festival fans.

Life is Beautiful has been an uplifting weekend experience for all attendees since it was established in 2013. But it’s not just the impeccable mix of genres that place this festival at the top of the “must do” list every year—it’s actually the crowd/people this event attracts infused with the energy of Downtown Las Vegas that sets it apart from others. We gather to enjoy the music, sure, but it’s the act of making life beautiful that captures the essence of this festival. Here are three things you can do at Life is Beautiful to enhance your own experience, as well as every person you cross paths with.


When you plan out trips to festivals like this one, the tendency is to round up the biggest group of friends possible. The setting is not only a place for you to create precious memories with familiar faces—it’s an opportunity to branch out and make connections, even if for just a brief moment. Sometimes you lose your group in the middle of a set and they’re nowhere to be found because your phone is either dead or has no signal. This is your chance to scout out friendly people near you, just as invested in the great energy in the air and dance with them. Also, do not be afraid to run up to a person to compliment their style, as people see these events as an opportunity to go all out with self-expression. You can never go wrong with acknowledging the effort people put into their outfits, so tell that person dancing maniacally in a shark costume that they’re awesome!

Photo by Zach McKee

Photo by Zach McKee

Offer Guidance

Chances are half the people you run into are probably non-locals or first timers. Give them something to be thankful for and offer guidance when someone looks lost. You could be saving them 20 minutes or missing out on their favorite artist by simply offering direction to a map stand. You can also be a source of guidance in different ways, such as warning people when mosh pits are about to erupt. You’ll clear the way for both those that want to avoid being pushed around and for willing participants ready to shove and get shoved.

Cool It

Having extra hair ties on your wrist to give out has the power to diffuse any heated moments, as simply tying up will cool a person down. I’ve also witnessed people going out of their way to buy water bottles for those that show signs of dehydration—something that is easily preventable.

Whether you are one of the many music “heads” coming in from different parts of the world or a diligent festival worker, come up with ways to make Life is Beautiful the best time for you and everyone else. Be a part of this movement and radiating love, joy, and life.

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