Life is Beautiful Official Recap Video

What was the meaning of all this?

With 2016 definitively in the rearview, here’s a look back at the beautiful moments that occurred during Life is Beautiful, when we all met in Downtown Las Vegas for three extraordinary days in September.

This gathering of more than 130,000 like-minded individuals to promote positivity, transformation and artistic expression was a burst of sunshine in an otherwise topsy-turvy year.

We celebrated diversity and shared ideas—the true embodiment of Life is Beautiful.

The spark of new friendships.
Thrilling discoveries and random phenomenon.
An explosion of beauty under the neon sky.
A community in action.

We proved that we could change the world one beat at a time.

And now, the future is upon us… here’s to a happy, healthy, beautiful 2017!

We remain steadfast, more energized than ever, passionate and committed to adjust the lens through which the world is viewed, to bring people together and to appreciate the beauty in our surroundings.

In just nine months, we meet again. Make every second count.

With gratitude,

Life is Beautiful Team 2017

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