In celebration of the true meaning of Life is Beautiful, All Together is a rallying cry for positivity, unity and creativity in our community. It is an initiative to bring people together and spark conversations that inspire and empower the values of enduring happiness.

“All Together” is written and performed by National Poetry Slam champion and multiplatinum songwriter IN-Q, who encourages people to find—and use—their voice to transform the world around them in a call to action to creators everywhere.

The “All Together” film is directed by Morgan Gruer and produced by Emmy Award winner Kyle Cogan, and features contributions from eight artists, four animators and five sound designers. It is an amalgamation of numerous artistic styles and techniques that include painting, collage, hand-drawn animation, 2-D and 3-D animation. The visuals are modern and timeless, drawing upon art history for inspiration while also creating original content.

“Life is Beautiful has a purpose that not only resonates deeply with me but extends far beyond just one person or weekend,” Gruer says. “As a director and animator with a computer-based career path, I all too often find myself barreling down the vortex of social media, entranced on endless scroll cycles, relying on ‘likes’ and ‘views’ for short-term confidence boosts. It is easy to get stuck in our own bubbles of life, work and responsibility, and it’s crucial to remember that there is so much vitality outside of them. Working with Life is Beautiful has been an extremely gratifying process, as every step of the way I was reminded of its message: To get up, get out and enjoy the beautiful world around us.”

Poem by IN-Q
Directed by Morgan Gruer

Produced by Simian Design
Executive Producer: Kyle Cogan
Rep: Emily Sanders of Reveur

Artists and Designers:
Morgan Gruer
Kyle Cogan
Simona Prives
Odelia Toder
Samuel Francis Bennett
Casey Drogin

Art and Design Assistants:
Savannah Jankosky
Sophia Baraschi-Ehrlich

Morgan Gruer
Kyle Cogan
Casey Drogin
Marty Kane

Audio Post-Production:
One Thousand Birds
Executive Producer: Kira MacKnight
Sound Design and Mix: Andrew Tracy and Calvin Pia


Final Audio Mix:
Floodgates Audio
Joe Flood
Colin Mulhern