Cocktail School is back by popular demand with a nine-session series featuring a lineup of prominent local and national mixologists, brought together by Bryant Jane and Lyle Cervenka of Starboard Tack, and hosted by Gene Samuel, of The Fabulous Swiggavino Bros.  Bartenders take center stage at Cocktail School by sharing their tricks of the trade and teaching guests how to make a variety of popular drinks.



Dakota Nate

Liquor, Spice, and Everything Nice: Women Who Shaped the Cocktail Industry Throughout History

3 PM

This seminar withDakota Nate, A Cocktail of Two Cities, features cocktails based on recipes from the leading ladies of liquor, taking a fun and informative walk through history highlighting the women that contributed greatly to the cocktail world.

Ami Robbins

Only Mules Rush-In: Moscow Mules 3 Ways

5 PM

Ami Robbins of UNKNOWN bar at Palms Casino mixes a classic cocktail that is as easy to create as it is to drink.

Jen Len

Crushed Groove

7 PM

Faux Tropical cocktails and classic swizzles without crushed ice are like rap without the boom bap. Learn the art of a crushed ice cocktail with Jen Len of Jammyland!


Christina & Pamela Dylag

Creature Comfort: Easy Cocktails to Make at Home

3 PM

This seminar by Christina & Pamela Dylag of Velveteen Rabbit will focus on two classic cocktails that can be easily replicated at home: the French 75 and Whiskey Sour. Both cocktails may be created with five (or fewer!) ingredients, with overlapping components such as lemon juice and simple syrup, making at-home imbibing that much easier!

Lyle Cervenka & Bryant Jane

Swizz Beats : Art of the Swizzle

5 PM

Lyle Cervenka & Bryant Jane of Starboard Tack teach the people how to swizzle - the Caribbean style of mixing cocktails.

Kinson Lau & Matt Graham

The Fennel Countdown

7 PM

Explore the fun and creative ways of utilizing fresh herbs and herbal liqueurs in cocktails, whether it is with alcohol or zero proof drinks. In this seminar, Kinson Lau (Station Casinos) and Matt Graham (Herbs & Rye) will touch on the history and making of Chartreuse and Benedictine and also the wide variety of usage with fresh herbs such as thyme, sage, basil, rosemary, fennel and so much more!


George Sproule

Cocktails in Chvrches

3 PM

Cocktails in Chvrches will focus on religious cocktails and spirits. Some happen to have a Godly name, while others include spirits that are fashioned by monks and clergy. George Sproule of The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas will also discuss the cocktails' history and how they relate to the religious world.

Leo Robitschek

Retox to Detox

5 PM

Leo Robitschek from NoMad demonstrates how to create cocktails that also hydrate.

Juan Coronado & Jaymee Mandeville

Lime is Beautiful

7 PM

Juan Coronado and Jaymee Mandeville, BACARDÍ Category Rum Ambassadors will take guests through the story of the daiquiri, one of the most iconic cocktails in history. Featuring multiple popular daiquiris throughout time with Bacardí Rums.