Music shapes and inspires how we see the world around us. From superstar headliners to breakout stars, immerse yourself in the beautiful lineup.

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Discover buildings turned into canvases with murals created by renowned artists. Installations and experiential environments pop up in the most surprising places.

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Food, glorious food! Exploring works up a healthy appetite. A curated lineup of culinary joy awaits from local restaurants to food trucks showcasing cuisines from around the globe.

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Learn something new every day from speakers who deliver ideas and stories that stimulate conversation—all united in the mission of doing good. Take away fresh perspectives.

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Find out just how infectious laughter can be as a roster famed jokers and the next wave of entertainers offer an irreverent, ingenious, politically charged, satirical and sassy point of view.

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Life is Beautiful

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Every September a community of musicians, artist, thought leaders, and thousands of inspired creators transform 18 city blocks of Downtown Las Vegas and create a world that celebrates the beauty in ourselves and our surroundings. A world in which music and art transform, positivity prevails, imagination overwhelms and creativity thrives.

In 2017, 78 musical acts, 19 artists and muralists, 14 comedians, more than 20 motivational speakers, and thousands of creators from all over the world cemented into our community’s DNA a sense of inspiration, imagination and initiative.